Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tea box

This is how to make it 

Start with 14cm/22,5cm
Score 4cm in from all 4 sides, and cut  to form the box (but don’t put in together yet )
Distressed all edges on both sides with distress ink

Choose some papers for inside and outside of box
On the outside you need: 14cm/3.5cm  2 pcs
5.5cm/3.5  2pcs
On the inside you need 14cm/3.5 1pcs
5.5cm/3.5cm 2pcs
14cm/5.5cm 1pcs

Decorated the out side 
On the inside put the bottom piece in first then the sides
Now glue the box together
Now add the long side this will hide the edges

For the back of the box use a spellbinder die but only the top of  the paper
Cut the paper to fit these dimensions , 11.5cm/13.5cm now you have the room for a panel around the paper
The height  for this is 7.5cm
Glue the paper onto some cardstock
And cut the shape by hand with some good scissor

For the bottom of the box cut some card 15.5cm/8.5cm  you could go round with a pinch 
Decorate the back of the panel before you attach it to the box on the inside
Decorate as you like 


  1. That's super fantastic Tina. I love everything about it x

  2. Fantastic Tina. Real stunner. I have to give it a go. I'm sure it won't be half as good as yours though. Thanks a million for sharing xx